Monday, June 29, 2009

The update you've all been waiting for...

All both of you who read this. Thank you for the support. ;)

My sister-in-law Edie (also known as the flew down from Buffalo, NY to help us out for a few days. She fed babies, made MANY freezer meals, cooked dinners, entertained toddlers, mopped floors, grocery shopped, and did endless amounts of MY laundry. Unfortunately, I was too busy resting on the couch to take any pictures of Aunt Edie's visit. Just know, it was a beautiful sight! (Thanks, Edes!!!)

Best Friends Camp 2009 added a few more campers this year to the mix. Macie (Alicia's step-daughter) got to join us this year. It was nice, yet again, to have additional baby feeders and baby holders in the house. We made music videos (which, by our discretion, we've chosen NOT to post in order to salvage our reputations!). On the final night of "camp" (after we held hands and swayed to "Friends are Friends Forever" during the candlelight service), we had girls night. Dinner at Barbara Jean's followed by a trip to the ice cream parlor. On our way home, we chased a rainbow, found the end and collected the gold. Good times.

Daddy C took the big kids to Sea World to celebrate Father's Day (minus the 2 new additions to the fam that opted to stay in the air conditioning). Brian and Will Roberson joined the trip (and provided the complimentary tickets!) for a fun-filled LONG day in Orlando.

Road trip to the Marietta. The first time the babies had been in the car longer than 2-mile treks. They did great and we were more thankful on this trip, more than any other, that we're rocking the minivan!

I was able to reunite with The Fearsome Foursome (my roomies from college), but this time it looked a little different....LOADS of children in the picture! Of course, most were mine, but it was still funny to see all of us in mom mode when we're so used to us in college girl mode. We're just all growed up now! I LOVE these girls.

Another first was Baby Henny's first time to meet his namesake "Uncle Henny". It was a sweet moment when they first met and Uncle Henry gave his boy a signed Chipper Jones baseball to commemorate the occasion. This is a big deal, because Uncle Henry, at 72 years old, is STILL playing ball every week. And it's quite competitive despite the average age on the field. We got to see a game and Buster Boy was in hog heaven being at a sporting event (doesn't matter the sport, he loves them all!). "Uncle Henny hit ball!" "Uncle Henny run faaaaaast!" "Why Uncle Henny tired?"

And the little babies finally got to meet Uncle Stevie, Aunt NayNay and cousin Rachel (who they liked the best!).

Finally, here's a few generations of Gillis girls. Memomma loved meeting her 2 new great-grandchildren.