Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bob the Builder

I'm living in chaos.

The contents of our garage threw up inside our house.

We have 3 stollers, a big girl bike, a scooter, keyboard with stand and countless boxes (not to mention today's 3 loads of laundry, the kids' toys & books, etc) smack in the middle of our family room. And if you've ever seen our family room, you'd know it's approximately 3 square feet.

The future nursery is loaded floor to ceiling with the additional items and every toy we own. Doesn't make for quality play time.

ON THE FLIP SIDE, the renovation in the garage is speedy. It's been only 3 days of banging, drilling, more banging and more drilling and it has completely taken on a new look. No longer a garage, but an extended kitchen with 2 noticeable rooms already in view. The heating and air has already been hooked up and by tomorrow we'll have all of the lighting done. It's set to be a 3 week job and after 3 days, I'm feeling that to be an actual reality.

Chaos can be overcome as long as there is light at the end of the tunnel. And it looks to be!

Buster has paced the house with his hard hat on and his tool belt chock full-o-tools. He's on standby the minute he's needed. Our contractor, knowing his enthusiasm, knocked on the door yesterday and said "I think your boy might like what's driving up." So we got shoes and tool gear and headed outside to watch a real dump truck unload a huge dumpster in our driveway.

One would have thought the President himself had arrived.

Buster Boy, in his best Rain Man impersonation, said over and over, "Dump Truck. Looouuuuudddd." and continued to be entertained for a good half hour.

So though we're living in cramped, chaotic quarters, the experience is kinda fun. I can see how people continue to do renovation after renovation on their house. It gets in your blood and everyday that you see more progress it's like a boost of adrenaline.

Though I think I can quell that enthusiasm for any future projects.

Pics of the completed renovation will be along shortly.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The fun begins

Though I am not officially supposed to be getting our nursery ready until after our home renovations are complete (we're closing in the garage for added playroom/den/guest bedroom), I cannot help myself. The contents of the garage will soon be taking over the nursery so painting, decorating, etc is not an option for at least another month or longer.

However, my friend Rebecca (aka Little Miss Home Decorator Princess of the World) is just as excited as I am and is really helping me think through it now so I don't get overwhelmed at the last minute.

Kara gave us this awesome canvas as our Christmas present (that I may or may not have pointed out about eleventy seven times in conversations with her....hehe). It was made by our good friend Laura Kirkland who is a creative masterpiece! Check out her goods here, but be ye prepared to fall in love with many a product.
So this canvas is the inspiration to the twins' nursery and tonight I found the perfect bedding to go along. was having $1 shipping and I couldn't resist. Felt kind of funny purchasing TWO crib sets.

The colors look pastel on the screen but are actually a lime green and bright blue so they will look great together. And we'll girlify one of the beds - maybe pink fish pillows? - so Baby Girl won't feel surrounded by all those boy fishies.
Wall colors, wall decor, rugs, etc will be handled by Consultant Rebecca as she has the mad skillz that Preggers here ain't got.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

When Daddy is away for 2 days...

...things may tend to get a smidge out-o-control. But just a smidge.

UFC National Title Elimination Round:
Bunk Bed - 1, Red Head - 0
Change of scenery:
Things get a little monotonous so playtime moved to the dryer. And no, I didn't turn it on. Not even on the "delicates" cycle.

2 days in a house full-o-women. Again, no, my preggers self does not prance around in these liability issues. They are thanks to Imelda Marcos...who, locally, goes by the code name, Kara.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

21 Weeks and Counting

Another great Doc's visit for the little Twinkies! They are both weighing in at 15 ounces each which is very good that they continue to be equal. That means that one is not swiping extra nutrients from the other. See, they're sweet and giving already!

I, on the other hand, am measuring in at 28 weeks - that's still 7 weeks ahead - that means I look like I'm 7 months preggers when I'm only 5. Doc so lovingly reminds me each visit, "You do know that you're gonna be HUGE, right?"

Thank you. I need that reminder. Sometimes I forget.

Next goal is 28 weeks. I have appointments before then, but that's our goal is to reach 28 weeks with no problems. Then we'll continue to reach other, smaller goals, week by week. The key is to AVOID BED REST at all cost because Sista here can't afford bed rest.

"Oh kids, Mommy is on the couch, you'll have to feed yourselves again - even though you can't open the fridge or reach anything in the pantry. Good luck with that."

"Buster, you've got a dirty diaper? Hmm. Well, Daddy will be home in about 7 hours and can take care of that promptly. Just sit tight."

"What? Y'all don't like spending all day inside in your pj's? Well, go outside then. Just make sure you behave responsibly since you are 3 and 2 years old. Here, take the phone just in case."

Yeah, bed rest = not an option.

When I asked Doc what I can do, besides lots of resting, to avoid it, he said "PRAY!"

That I can do.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


We had a whirlwind trip that we like to call the "Georgia Triangle" (Brunswick to Nashville to Marietta and back again) to celebrate Christmas with all of our favorite people. We even squeezed in a birthday celebration for Buster Boy at Chuck E. Cheese's.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with a picnic at the beach with our good friends The Robersons and The Witherows. Because we can. BOOYAH!
Right after our Christmas Eve service at church - gearing up for the big arrival of Santa!
And boy did Santa deliver!The John Deere boys heading out to farm.
Like Papa, like Buster.
Nothing but love for Chuck E.
Happy 2nd Birthday, O Tortured One.
Memomma and all of her grandkids and great-grandkids. It's a rarity to get us all under the same roof at the same time!

All the first cousins cheesing it up for the camera. Quite the handsome bunch of Gillis-Akins peeps.