Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Down at the Farm.

To honor our forefather's vacation day, we decided to go be one with nature and remember those days of 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue and farm green.

Or something like that.

To Nashville we went. We got to hang out with this guy. His name is Shorty.
 And he's about 8 feet tall. Hence the name.
Shorty was none too thrilled that these mini horses were ruling the roost while he was stuck running laps around the pasture by himself.
Wild Man hit cowboy mode as soon as he saddled up Star.
 I don't think Buster stopped smiling the whole time he was on Blaze.
Even Big Sis took a ride, which is so not her style - she'd rather be reading a book - but mini horses just have a way with kids. They create fun. And endless smiles. I even wanted a ride; however, the weight limit on the biggest horse was 100 lbs. Thanks for making me feel like a fatty. I'll go run some laps with Shorty now.
Later, we headed to a local Cane Maze to go get lost in a field of large, cane. 
But the best part was the zip line - one for kids and one for adults.
The big kids never hesitated and jumped right on, zipping down the hill.
Us adults, however, hesitated and hyperventilated and sat on our haunches about 5 minutes before taking off.
 It maxed out at about 3 feet above ground. Risk takers we are.
This boy made sure all the chickens were well fed. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. All at once.
Tiny Miss made sure we were well aware that she was hot, tired and hungry. Oh and starving to death. And sweating her brains out. And needing air conditioning STAT! Poor poor pitiful thing.
Back at the homefront, or farmfront (?), Buster and I went about collecting cotton for his teacher's birthday present. It's like busting open an oyster. Except instead of a pearl, it's the fabric of our lives. You're welcome for that horrendous use of punnery...and grammar. 
Snowing cotton on the field that never ends.
While Buster was scouting cotton, Big Sis was picking peanuts. Little farm hands they are!
A couple of hours later and the boiled peanuts were ready. I never liked these growing up, but have been won over since. This batch is my helping. Get your paws off!
Wild Man and I jumped in the Kubota and tried to chase the sunset across many acres of beautiful fields. We stopped and watched the sun set while the cows roamed. It was a most glorious date with my main squeeze. 

We finished off the weekend roasting up some marshmellows and eating our weight in chocolate icing and graham crackers.
Maybe that's why I missed the weight limit for those mini horses.

Dang S'mores.