Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The man so nice, they named him twice.

For the first time in a LONG time, the Husb and I made a spontaneous decision. You see, there's something about small children that zaps all the spontaneity out of you.

We heard American Idol finalist Phillip Phillips was coming back to his hometown to do the televised Hero's Welcome show. And his hometown was just across the state, a mere 3.5 hours away. We had the last soccer game of the season, a party to follow and if we left immediately after that, we'd roll up into his town at showtime.


So we did just that. Told the kids the night before and Big Sis gave us the response we were looking for. Phillip, at this point, is her Elvis. And we just told her we were taking her to see him.

Yes, we accept your "BEST PARENTS EVER!" award gladly, Sis.

Buster was excited too and wondered if he would need to bring his guitar or drum sticks to play with him (as he does while watching AI each week). No buddy, he's got his band this time. Maybe in a few years.

The Babies can't even pronounce his name nor have they seen an episode of AI, but nonetheless they joined right in on the excitement, chanting, "PHIWIP! PHIWIP! PHIWIP!"

On the ride into Leesburg...
We made the guitar pick sign en route with an Xacto knife and Mod Podge glue. I highly recommend NOT using either of those two items in a moving vehicle.
Note our outfits. Total strategy with the Ford and the flaming red. I am determined to get us on AI because...well, because it's AMERICAN IDOL. duh.
When the cameras panned, I stole that sign from that sweet little girl and held it high. Gotta do what you gotta do in showbiz, people.
He took the stage and took directions from AI producers in between songs to make sure he said the right things. He's incredibly talented and it was fun to watch him in his element. You could tell he just wanted to jam with his boys. Reminded me a little of John Mayer in the early days - back before he started running his mouth. :)
We're voting tonight. Phillip Phillips all the way!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Defining Moments

There's been quite a change coming for our biggest little people. The Husb got a new job which will require a switcheroo of schools for Big Sis and an unexpected new school start for Buster Boy.  While everyone around them knew about it, we wanted to tell them in a non-rushed and well thought out way where they would have enough time to understand it and ask questions before going back to school.

We drove them out to the new school on Friday and got Big Sis to read the sign as we drove in. She read it, looked at both of us and said, "Is this Daddy's new job?" and then the quiver lip started. She had been paying attention to everything going on within the past few days and figured some things out. What she knew was that her daddy was going to be at a different school, so that must mean that she would too.

Man, kids are smart.

We talked through the exciting opportunities, though bittersweet. We showed them the school, walking the halls and pointing out the similarities to their current school. Slowly they came around and throughout the evening, at dinner later and on the playground afterwards, the questions began. We had plenty of time to talk through each of their concerns while having fun in the midst. 

Not only are kids smart as whips, they're resilient. Not emotionless, but resilient. And I know that this past weekend was a defining moment for all of us. Learning of the biggest change they've had to incur yet, working through it, and finding a monkey bar to swing on...

 and a slide to ride down on...
and knowing they're gonna be just fine.