Sunday, April 21, 2013

An April Wedding

We had the joy of being at the Husb's cousin's wedding this past weekend near Atlanta. It was on the grounds of a beautiful mansion on a perfectly sunny and cool April day.  It was every bit as beautiful as her Pinterest board. :)

The girls were asked to bring Bibles down the aisle at the start of the ceremony. One Bible was from the bride's family and one from the groom's family and a third Bible representing the couple -  turned out to be a sweet addition to the ceremony.

 Big Sis stealing a glance at her daddy as she started down the aisle.
Tiny Miss working the crowd.
If Wild Man feels this way about all weddings, then I'm in luck. He'll stay with me forever. :)
Buster is begging to have his long locks shaved off so I had to get one more pic just in case! This Journey of Hair has been long and Mama's not ready to see it go...
 The fam all gussied up...
Papa & JoJo and their FAVORITE (ok, "only") grandkids...

Monday, April 8, 2013

SI or bust.

For the third year in a row, we ventured way south to Sanibel Island - by far our favorite place in the world and one full of memories for our little fam.

Our first morning there was Easter. The Bunny delivered despite the location change, bringing beach chairs, goggles and sunscreen for each. Man that Bunny knows us. :) We had our own little church time in the condo and were able to watch my brother preach on the computer. Definitely a unique Easter experience. Hoping Spring Break doesn't fall on Easter Sunday next year!
We love biking around the island and thankfully The Duo still fits in the seats attached to our big bikes, though they're already begging to ride their own bikes next year.
We inherited Lightening McQueen which provided a lot of entertainment for the boys. We were amazed that it lasted 3 days with only minor revisions (that the boys were glad to fix at their auto mechanic sand shop).
Our whale idea seemed like a great one until we started digging with shovels no larger than the palm of our hand.  It looks simple...and it is...but it took FOREVER. Next year we're gonna make a guppy.
Honestly our condo could have been 50 miles from the beach and they wouldn't have cared a bit as long as there was a pool. Everybody's swimming now so we (us parentals) can enjoy some lazy poolside lounging. Oh how we've longed for this day!
For the third year in a row, we've concluded the trip with a Captiva sunset. The beach is beautiful and the whole community comes out each night to see it set. Everybody quiets down and watches the last minute or two, taking in God's creation at it's finest. My favorite time...and theirs too...
Even got to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary to this guy while we were there. A trip sans kiddos will come later. :)