Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fancy Feet

It has been so fun {and gut wrenching!} to watch Big Sis on the soccer field this season. Her confidence has grown as the season has progressed and we've finally started to see her get a little aggressive on the field which is a HUGE change from past seasons.
We haven't been able to count many wins but she's got a great group of girls who have shown some fantastic attitudes despite some harrowing defeats! :)
One change we've done this season has been attending a weekly foot skills clinic. Who knew there was such a thing as foot "skills"?? I just thought you kicked a ball!
Fearless Joe going head to head with a player that's a solid foot taller than she is! Fearless Joe also got a ball to the face right after this. A few tears later...
She's off and dribbling despite the pack of wolves coming her way...
Go Cheetahs!