Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Holler Ween

We outdid ourselves this year with costumes. Probably because I'm super mom. Take Wild Man for example.
Not just any mom will send her child out trick or treating like this. We call him "Backwards Man who uses his shirt as a napkin". Points for creativity. He's also called "Man who pitched a fit and threw his Buzz Lightyear costume down and stomped on it repeatedly"...hey, whatever works. When Dude is happy, WE'RE ALL HAPPY!

"Woody" here had a last minute change of attire too and became "Farmer Rancher Man" because Farmer Rancher Men wear baseball hats, not cowboy hats (like, per se, the one that was bought for him FOR THIS SPECIAL OCCASION...but whatevs).
He has waited 365 days to ride this car again. And his backside is about all we saw as he screamed down the road whipping into driveways like he owned the joint.
 Secret Agent {Wo}Man and Ballerina were also last minute additions to the costume wars discussions that ensued for weeks prior to Halloween. Ballerina was originally going to be Minnie Mouse, then a Princess, then Tinkerbell until finally landing with this minutes before take-off. Secret Agent {Wo}Man was originally going to be the Pixar Lamp but unfortunately I showed WAY TOO MUCH excitement over the possibilities of the COOLEST COSTUME IDEA EVER and she then opted for all black. Avoiding attention. She is not my daughter.
And this last gem of a pic was sent to me by Brooke who's gorgy boy is front and center. I thought nothing of it until I looked at the back right side and noticed why she sent it to me asking for a caption.
Perfect summary of the night.