Thursday, April 16, 2009

35 Weeks and prepping

Made it to 35 weeks. That's about all I can say about that.

There is a lot of nesting going on in our house, none of which is by me though, and that is quite painful. There is nothing I'd rather be doing than scrubbing the grout on the bathroom floor or dusting the ceiling or deep cleaning the freezer, but unfortunately all I can do is watch the world go by from my horizontal position.

And play Tetris.

Thank you, 1989.

The kiddos, on the other hand, are tackling Parenthood 101. They received a set of twins for Christmas (who they've named John & Anna - and though John is actually dressed in blue with pink bows, we're claiming him to be a "him") and have set off to make sure these babies receive the top care they deserve.

They swaddle, they feed, they rock, they slam their heads into things so they can take them to the "doctor", they dance with them, sleep with them, and take care of their everyday needs.
And sometimes, parenthood just gets a bit daunting, especially when challenged to multi-task. Baby's crying, the phone's ringing, and Mommy wants to go to bed. Oh the woes.
The true Mommy of the house (that's me) is a ticking time bomb. There will be an explosion soon, albeit the bomb that's going to go off in the hot air balloon around my waist, or the bomb within my brain that is losing patience on pain-tolerance and emotional dishevel (as is increased with lying down for 24 hours a day).
Oh the woes.
More stress test time tomorrow so we should know more soon...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Ruh Roh" says Scooby Doo

The babies are coming.

When, you ask?

Excellent question. I'd like to know myself. Promptly.

Sat on a monitor yesterday at Doc's and found out my contractions were 6 minutes apart (I didn't even really know I was having them....sometimes 2 babies can cause the same pain so I'd just assumed it was them!). And it looked like Baby Girl was about to bust out. Settle down, girly. Settle down.

So I got a steroid shot to boost the lung development of the babies since they'll be quite early (about 5 weeks) and underdeveloped. We're hoping this will help them suck large amounts of air when they enter the world!

And so we wait. I'm on full-out bed rest and though I thought that sounded like a dreamy option at one point, it's actually quite annoying. I would much rather be up and about with the kiddos enjoying our final day(s) of "just us". But it's all good. The "just us" is not going to know what hit the fan when these babies arrive!!

I'd post a picture of my 45-WEEK SIZED SELF but the bedhead I'm dealing with is not working out. That, and the fact that not a single bit of my clothes fits over my stomach anymore. Could it be because my body is cranking under the allusion that I am OVER 10 MONTHS PREGNANT???

Ruh Roh.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


We had a wonderful Easter which started out with an EARLY morning egg hunt (note: 7am kick off). The "Easter Bunny" didn't hear his alarm and when we were greeted by our early risers, we had to make a quick decision.

"Kids, Mommy is going to read you the story of Easter first! Hop in bed!" Not bad for thinking on my feet before my eyes had even opened!

While this went on, the Easter Bunny quickly hid eggs in the backyard, fully clad in his pj's.

Then we had a great morning at church. It was our first Sunday in our new sanctuary (same campus) and it was BEAUTIFUL! Word on the street is that we had over 900 people between the 2 services. Thinking about being a part of the 7 who started the church a few years ago, it just about made me weepy.
Lunch was at The Herndons for those of us who don't have family nearby. Our group continues to grow each year - the amount of babies and toddlers is hilarious! Next year there will be even more!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

34 Weeks - Home Sweet Home

Made it to 34 weeks which means I will be delivering babies in Brunswick no matter what! This is the biggest mile marker we wanted to reach and we're very thankful we made it. Savannah is a great town but was NOT where we wanted to deliver...too far away and strangers for doctors.

Today's Doc's appointment was a positive one. The babies are both about 5-5.5 lbs each and very healthy. These next 2 weeks are vital for lung development so we need to keep them in...especially having a boy in there. Their lungs develop slower so that is a big concern.

I am measuring 42 case that doesn't make sense - it equates to being 10 1/2 months pregnant! The stretching is quite miraculous. And just so Carter doesn't forget, each night before bed, I show him my side profile and demand, "FEEL SORRY FOR ME, PLEASE!"

Typically, he laughs.

I don't.

Now I'll be having 2 appointments each week until they come. I'll spend 20 minutes of each visit hooked up to a monitor so we can be certain there is no stress on the babies' hearts.

It's getting close!