Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Next Generation of Worship Leading

After multiple attempts at videoing, I finally got sneaky and hid behind a wall while Buster Boy worked his gift. Having seen his Daddy doing this all last week in preparation for church on Sunday, Buster busted out his own version of Blessed Be the Name. Carter and I hit the floor when he would do his musical interlude and scream out another lyric.


Truly moving. something like that.

Blessed be the name from Suzanne Akins on Vimeo.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The One Year Check-in

...Or really, the 13 month check-in for the Dynamic Duo. We ventured to the doctor today (which is a treat. hear the sarcasm.) for the babies' 1 year well check. It had been a LONG 7 months since they had last been there and I was excited to see how big (little) they were and get a pat on the back from Dr.AJ since I survived my first year with twins!

Tiny Miss is claiming her name well. She is tiny. She used to be in the 10th percentile for height/weight and has moved on down to the 3rd percentile. That just means that 97% of babies her age are bigger than her. Aw, sweet Tiny Miss. Tipping the scales at a whopping 17 pounds and 29 inches, her little self has also become anemic and her iron levels are very low. So we'll take a month to pump up the iron and increase her calories and see if we can get this little one's levels back up where they need to be.

I was also concerned with the "Rockin' Robin" that we have as Tiny Miss gets on all fours and rocks herself to sleep every night. It's really quite entertaining to watch, but after listening to the crib creak and creak for what seemed to be hours, we got a little concerned. Doc said it's a phase, it makes her feel soothed, and she'll be just fine.

Wild Man has leveled out his weight too and dropped down to the 8th percentile. He is 20 pounds and 30 inches and seems to be HUGE compared to his sister, but really he's a little man as well. He's borderline anemic so we'll pump up his iron and calories as well and re-check the hemoglobin in a month.

I was still convinced that he had a flat head and would end up in a helmet but once again, Doc cleared my fears and said, "Nope, he just has his Dad's head. He's perfectly fine!" Aw, my little flat headed boys. Gotta love 'em!

So hopefully we'll clear up the anemia as much as we can and that will be the last residual effect from being preemies.

I am so thankful for healthy babies, for smiling babies, for teetering and falling babies, for cackling babies, for babies who eat off the floor and hand me bugs they've retrieved, for babies that pitch fits and then snuggle up close in remorse, for babies that sleep all night and wake up laughing.

For babies that make me a better mom.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Steps

The babies are mobilizing their unit and are almost ready for take-off. They've been having their "first steps" for about a month now and are in no hurry to run.

We've been offering all kinds of prizes at the finish line, but halfway to their goal they always realize they can drop and crawl and get their goody a whole lot faster.

If you happen to notice a theme throughout my videos, it is this: when the weather soars above 80 degrees, clothing is not required. I'm amazed at how much LESS laundry I'm having to do this summer. I do make Carter put pants on when he leaves the house though. We don't want the neighbors talking.

Tiny Miss Walking-ish from Suzanne Akins on Vimeo.

Wild Man on the Loose-ish from Suzanne Akins on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Death of a Pet

Katie was a good pet.

She was quiet. She stayed to herself most of the time. She didn't bark unnecessarily or paw at the back door whining. She loved her blue bucket and her play stick.

Most especially, she loved her owners and her owners loved her.

You see, Katie was recently adopted. Through some friends of ours who are adopting children, my children have learned the definition and have become very interested in the topic. So as not to be swayed by their "Can we adopt more babies????" I quickly turned the adoption topic over to pets.

Much safer for this mama who's biological clock still ticks at a newborn's cry.

So we adopted Katie.

Big Sis especially took great care and was always concerned with, "Is Katie getting enough food?", "Do you think Katie needs a blanket at night?", "Can we bring Katie inside when it rains?". Buster, on the other hand, just liked to play with her.

Such a typical mother and father. The mother is caring, compassionate and concerned for the well-being of her child while the father just shows up at bedtime to rile 'em up! Thus, Katie's parents.

Fast forward to our arrival home after church. Katie had been the topic of conversation in the car all the way home: "Is she ok?", "She didn't look so good this morning.", "Maybe some lunch will make her feel better."

Big Sis and Buster throw open the doors and head straight for Katie. I watch from inside as they pamper her, ooh and aah over her and just enjoy their role as adoptive parents.



I run outside to see what's the matter.


I look at Big Sis sitting at the top of the playground fort, arms flailing, tears streaming, yelling at her brother.

I look at Buster, solemn, head down.

He looks up, he cocks his head to the side, grins a little. "Mommy, I didn't kill Katie. I just broke her."

"NO, HE DIDN'T!!!!!!!! HE KILLED HER!!!!!!!!!" from atop the fort.

I assess the situation. I check the blue sand bucket. I peer in. I see her favorite play stick. I see her lunch of leaves. Yes, it is true. Katie is now in 2 pieces.

Katie were a sweet caterpillar. We will never forget your sweet disposition, your heritage, your full heart, your song:

"Katie the Katerpillar makes you feel so fine. Any friend of Katie's is a friend of mine. And if you see my Katie then you know she's really swell, cuz Katie's really cozy in her favorite bucket motel."

(Lyrics also exchanged to "Freddy the Frog" who's adoption has not yet been finalized as his location keeps changing and he's no longer in our shed)

R.I.P. Katie the Katerpillar. Adopted May 22, 2010. Broken in two May 23, 2010.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

So long, Soccer. See you soon.

Big Sis rounded out her first year of soccer today (two seasons worth) with a huge victory giving the Killer Whales an UNDEFEATED season. All the girls cheered at the after-party when coach announced that we were undefeated. He then asked if any of them knew what that meant and they all just looked around until one of the girls stood up and shouted, "It means no one can defeat us!!!!" (And still, the word "defeat" bypassed all of them!)

Carter and I were reminiscing about how Big Sis looked and acted at the beginning of the fall playing for the first time ever, versus now that she's got a year under her belt.

Night and day.

She's still the tiniest one on the team with the shortest legs and takes about 4 steps for everyone else's 2, but she's a different kid on the inside. And though she doesn't score 47 goals per game like some of the other girls, she has gained a confidence that she's never had before. The kind only a sport can give you. And good coaching.

What a joy to watch.

Our little caterpillar is busting out some wings.

So we'll take a summer break and be back in the fall. Currently Sis is in denial in regards to having different teammates and a different coach. I think she thought she signed a lifetime contract with the Killer Whales because the whole, "You'll be on a different team next season because your friends are moving up an age group" is not jiving right now. We'll see if she accepts her new draft.

And a new contract.

One that pays millions.

Which will hopefully cover family expenses during this GREAT DEPRESSION, or what we like to call, "the furloughs we don't speak of".

Goodbye Killer Whales. The ocean is calling you home.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tiny Miss

So I've got this tiny girl.

Every morning when I go in her room I laugh hysterically. She has crazy hair, one tooth, and is typically bouncing all over her crib in excitement. She makes my day.

THANK GOODNESS she decided to slide herself into the womb with her brother. Somebody's gonna need to straighten that boy out and so far, she's got a pretty good hold on him. If he steals her bunny, she gives him a shrilling scream until he gives it back. If I hold him first, she makes sure to push him out of the way when I hoist her up on the other hip. Then she'll turn all sweetness on him and rub his back when he flops himself on the ground pitching a fit.

Since she's a twin, I know most of her pics in childhood will include her brother and other siblings. That's why I'm giving her a little solo time. As soon as her brother stops crying and I can take a picture of his cuteness, he'll get his solo time. Hopefully that will happen before he's 15.

My soft spot. I could watch any one of my babies sleep all night.

Tell me LOUDLY how much you love the beach girlfriend!!

The girl knows how to relax. A gift I passed on to her.

Mischevious one hunting a snack. Next thing I know she'll have cracked open a cool beverage and popped herself some popcorn.

Simply flattering. I'll be sure to save this one for her wedding slideshow.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wedding Weekend

I was going to title this blog "It's a Shellabration!" since it's about our wedding weekend in Cordele to see Carter's cousin Shellie get married. But somehow I ended up with NO PICTURES of the beautiful bride. Ugh. Trust me, she was gorgeous-o!

And there were a couple of other gorgeous people around. Little people. And they may have just happened to belong to me!
My little snaggletooth...

Buster was OFF THE CHARTS adorable with his little bow tie.

There was much dancing and my otherwise shy kiddos owned that dance floor!
Here's Big Sis cutting a rug with Summer (our weekend nanny...haha)...

JoJo found a handsome dance partner, while...

Papa found TWO little dance partners! (They're sleeping with their eyes open in this pic since it's about the 10 o'clock hour and they were OVER IT!)

Big Sis keeps asking when we're going back to Cordele because there was an indoor pool at the place we stayed. I told her there were other pools, say 3 1/2 hours closer than Cordele, but she says that's the best one so it looks like we'll need to take another trip to the Big Town!