Sunday, December 9, 2012

My lil' elves

I hear that it is supposedly Christmastime, but with my family in shorts and tshirts all weekend, it seems a bit "off". I realize we're very close to the Florida border, but c'mon, we're still Georgia and Georgia can get COLD!

Despite our little, and hopefully short-lived, warm front, we have been able to get our Christmas on. The house is decorated, lights are on outside, Pandora's Christmas station runs 24/7 on our tv, and we've spent some significant time with Santa and his lady.

Our favorite pottery studio Color Me Happy hosted a fundraiser for Morningstar that we were so excited to be a part of. The kids got to paint, have cookies and milk, and most importantly, have some serious discussions with one important man...
Every time there was a lull in photos with other children, these four would find their way back into their laps.Then they just pulled up chairs to sit and chat. Kinda wish we could have them over to hang out, but I guess it's a busy time with toy making, reindeer training, list checking, etc.
We followed up Santa's visit with a little tree hunting. I asked Tiny Miss to find us the "Perfectest Tree Around" and she spotted it quick, though, in the end, we did opt for one a smidge taller against her discretion.
This is the most amazing oak tree I've ever seen...and there's more than our fair share of these in coastal Georgia...but this one takes the cake.  We found out from the farm owners that it dates back earlier than the Revolutionary War (to save you the Wikipedia time, that's prior to 1775!). 
I couldn't believe The Duo actually posed for a picture. I think it was followed by a wrestling slam, but hey, I'll take what I can get!
 Even the shop got a Christmas makeover from Big Sis (aka the Santa Intern). HO! HO! HO!