Monday, December 22, 2008

Birthday Letter

Dearest Buster Boy,
I can't help but think back 2 years ago to what we were doing on this exact day. You decided (or actually Doc decided) it was "entry into the world" day and you did it with a bang. Came out a nice shade of navy blue and decided to hold in your cries so you could enjoy the scenery. I didn't even get to see you whisked away to the land of oxygen tanks and every wire monitor imaginable. In fact, I didn't see you for 6 hours, and you should know that, had we talked about it earlier, I would have opted for a pinker shade (no, it's not girly) and an immediate sighting/holding. However, you were looking pretty fly in there by the time I was wheeled down to the special nursery.

The nurses called you "Big-un" because you, at 8 lbs, 12 ounces, were at least twice the size of the other babies in the room. They had a hard time fitting the oxygen helmet on your man-sized head. And the sweet church that donated Christmas stockings for the "preemies" did not have you in mind because when we walked in Christmas morning, your stocking was on one leg. The rest of the babies were in their stockings up to their neck. It was a hilarious scene and the nurses just shrugged and said "We tried, but Big-un is just too chunky for these tiny stockings."

We got to bring you home a week later and your navy blue shade had turned into a pretty pumpkin orange. Thank you, jaundice. You hung out in your little Moses basket and rarely made a peep. Except when you were hungry and then your cry had a pitch to it that made my ears bleed. That was especially noticeable around 3am.

Your sister fell in love with you from the minute she saw you and couldn't wait for a playmate. She still loves you more than any other girl in this world (except Mommy of course who is smitten with her boy!) and when asked who her best friend is, without ever hesitating she proudly proclaims, "Buster Boy!" Occasionally she changes her mind. Like when you pounce on her while she's laying on the couch watching TV. Or when you eat her food while she's not paying attention. Or when you grab her beloved BearBear and take a run for the hills. But mostly she's your #1 fan.

It's been a big 2 years for you. Countless breathing treatments. Crawling to walking to running to jumping to riding your big boy scooter. Bald head to your first haircut. Losing Bunny, finding Bunny, losing Bunny, finding Bunny. Gurgles to words. Thumb sucking to....thumb sucking.

Happy Birthday, my little boyfriend. I hope you never stop snuggling your Mommy. Even when you get married (no matter what that little wifey of yours says!). You make me laugh. You make me proud. And in a few short months you will make an amazing older brother.
I love you, my sweet Buster.
Happy Birthday.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Great Name Debate

If in looking at this title, you thought I might give some hints as to what we'll be naming children #3 and #4, then just close out that browser, because reading on will officially frustrate you. Consider yourself warned.

We are, however, currently involved in the Great Name Debate. There is a lot of pressure in naming your child. It's something they will be called every day for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, I obtained a pretty normal name (despite being called 'Susan' one too many times) and so did my husband. So we're likely not to name our kids Apple or Mowglie or Inspektor or whatever crazy names are out there.

But we don't want to be too common either. Can't go with an Emma or a Jacob or Hannah or Caleb (though I do like all of those names) because I don't want them to forever be known as Emma A. or Jacob A. to differentiate among the 4 others in their class.

So it's got to be somewhere down the middle. One of the names, either first or middle, will need to hold some familial meaning. That's very important to us. And of course, these 2 kiddos' names will be paired together for many years so they'll need to sound good together (i.e. Grizzelda & Rasputin may not roll off the tongue as well as, say, Ike & Tina for instance).

The Debate will continue. We broke down and bought (yet another) baby name book last night and by 12:30am I had found the perfect combo. Of course, that changed when I woke up after dreaming about another perfect combo. Which will likely change again if I let any of these names slip and receive any sort of negative vibe from that lucky audience member who hears the slip-up. I may pounce like a mama bear if I get a negative response. Or I may just change the name again for the 45,000th time.

At least we get to pick 4 of the coolest names we could possibly come up with. Not many people get that opportunity so we are counting that as one of the many blessings of having twins.


Of the many.

There are many, right?

Somebody, please tell me there are MANY!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cookies-N-Cream Handspun from Chick

I do love a milkshake. Funny thing is, I've only had 2 during this pregnancy. Ok, maybe 4. But that's about 17,020 less than I had when I was preggers with The Girl. Tonight's was super delish. Carter and I allowed the kiddos to share in our tradition today of enjoying a little "cream" from Chick-Fil-A to celebrate the latest gender news on the homefront.


And she will go along great with her counterpart, "IT'S A BOY!"

They're best friends already. Twin Girl had her foot against Twin Boy's head. Go girl. Own your territory.

Yet officially measuring out at 25 weeks. I originally said I would be the size of a house when this was said and done. I've changed my mind. I believe I'll be more the size of a hotel.

The Twinkies are very healthy and growing great. They're the exact same size (7 oz) which is very good. All of my sickies are gone and I've just got the regular bone/joint ailments of pregnancy so right now I'm coasting. And praying to keep these babies in until 37 weeks. Especially since one is a boy and boys can tend to be a smidge on the weak side when they're early (ie. older brother Buster Boy).

When we find our camera charger, I'll post pics. Not of my hotel-sized self of course. Of the kiddos.

All 4 of them.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I guess it's the holiday seasonry or cool weather (note: I did not say's South Ga...we were looking at about 68 today...PERFECT!) or large doses of motherly hormones, but I find myself everyday saying (with passion): I LOVE THIS! or I LOVE THAT! So it's not even Valentine's Day and I'm feeling some love. Thought I'd share my randomness - in no particular order.


1. snow village on top of my piano. My all-time favorite Christmas decor and once it's up, the whole world is a better place. Thank you, Charles Dickens.

2. ...going to a tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree. Much like going to the pumpkin farm to fetch our pumpkins. It makes me feel one with nature. A little organic if you will. And we all know organic Christmas trees are far healthier when you munch on them than their store-bought counterparts.

3. church family. We could not have landed in a better community to live life together. I was reminded of it again last night.

4. snuggly my son is. I don't know if it's his age, or the cooler weather mixed with ultra-comfy clothes, but he is a snugglin machine. Much like a cat. He can't nuzzle in close enough and I can't wrap my arms around him fast enough!

5. ...that everyday my girl wakes up and asks "Is it Christmas yet?" She has already caught the excitement and everything she's learning at kids church is sinking in and she's teaching her brother all about Jesus. And she begs for me to take her out each day so she can buy gifts for her cousins and her brother.

6. ...that though my hubs is working full-time and frantically trying to finish grad school, he still finds time to surprise me with my favorite Publix eggnog (and no worries, commercially made eggnog is just fine for the preggers so lay off!).

7. ...that I felt my babies move this week. Yes, that's right. Babies. There's 2 in there so it's a little weird when I know they're so tiny yet I'm feeling movement on clear opposite sides of my stomach. I hope they don't punch each other.

8. ...the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family. What shall it be tonight? My anticipation is already building.

9. ...bunk beds. The kiddos are now sharing a room and Carter and I laugh every night while we listen to them talk for an extra hour or two just being best buds. We'll hear, "Shhhhhhhhh, Buster!" or "YaYa, eat!" and then we hear the voices fade and we just stand at their door watching them. Then, in that special moment all parents have, we say, "How precious are our babies." Which is quickly followed by, "HOLY COW WE'RE HAVING 2 MORE!"

10. ...and of course our family and friends. We have the best of both and can't wait to spend Christmas with them all!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Bloggity Blues

The germs are finally leaving the house in droves and we're mostly down to the leftover sniffles. I can handle leftover sniffles. I've been doing 4 breathing treatments a day for each kid so that has been my week. Breathing treatments then breakfast. Breathing treatments then lunch. Breathing treatments then supper. Breathing treatments then bedtime. Whew! We've tapered down to 1 a day and that is doable!

In calculating how many hours were spent sterilizing, giving and then re-cleaning the breathing treatments, I thought 'good grief, it's my WHOLE day!'. Then I thought how long it's going to take to feed 2 newborns (not to mention the other 2 that may get hungry a time or two!!) 6-8 times a day. Ok, perspective!! Breathing treatments here I come!

I reached 4 months (16 weeks) yet I'm the size of a 6-month pregger. I imagine I'll be the size of my house by the time these babies are ready to bust out. I hope I'll be able to fit in the car to get to the hospital. Maybe I should check on a crane to get me out.

The newest medical advice I'm trying to follow from my nurse is to drink 64 oz of water A DAY! That is pure insanity to me. I'm the one who lives on Coke and coffee when not preggers. The Girl is trying to help me by drinking lots of water too. She thinks if she drinks water too, then it will help the babies in my tummy be healthier. I haven't told her otherwise yet! That may be my way to get her to eat more veggies too!

This weekend will be straight Christmas-y. We've been homebound and bored for far too long. At least now we'll have some decor to brighten us up. I am soooo ready for the coziness of Christmas!!