Monday, November 26, 2012

The old becomes new...

We spent Thanksgiving at the NashVegas farm. We enjoyed some great food and even greater family time. We sat on the porch of an old fixed up house drinking sweet tea, talking for hours with aunts, uncles and cousins, and waving to cars driving by. It was every bit as Southern as it sounds.

One of my favorite parts of the farm is the acres upon acres behind Mama Dot's house. There is so much to explore back there and I love driving the Kubota around in search of cows and gators and beautiful barn wood. And there's an old Army Jeep, a truck from many generations ago, and every rusted piece of farm equipment imaginable.

I gave the kids almost 3 days notice that I wanted them at 4:00 on a certain day dressed for pictures. I knew pulling them away from tractor riding and horse roping would not be easy so the more heads up they got, the better.

We trekked out to my favorite spot and managed to get a few photos without anyone needing a tetanus shot. :)
I wish I had backed up to show the goodness of this Jeep that Wild Man thinks he's driving. Definite vintage at its finest!
It was downright chilly with the sun going down.
Big Sis and Wild Man are farm buddies. The boys stay together all day doing their farm work, but when it comes to nighttime and sharing a room, these two can't be separated.
Neither can these two goofballs. While the other two go straight to sleep, these hoodlums are jumping on the bed and singing songs and wrestling. A perfect match.
The trees have grown in and around this old truck. Wish I'd backed up to show it in its fullness too.
I used Big Sis as my "preview" model to make sure lighting was good before I roped in the other kids. This became my favorite shot...and there were 188 of them total!
I just want to eat up these handsome boys...when they're not fighting...or whining...or smelling like cows...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Still 3.

So I waited til the Duo was about 3 1/2 to acknowledge their 3ness. I have REALLY enjoyed this year of their life watching them come into their own yet always sticking close together.
I've loved having them with me all day everyday, just the three of us. 

The epitome of them.
I would prefer Tiny Miss to remain this size forever.
...aaaaand we're over it...
His eyes got us from day one...and still do.
I'm hoping they'll stay 3 for a few more years. Anything to prolong those teenage years...