Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekly Hilarities

And, yes, I made that word up in the title.

Every day, every week there is something hilarious that comes out of my 3 year old's mouth. I would have to start taking a notebook with me everywhere to catch them all (which I may start doing), but there's a few that take the cake and keep me laughing well after the fact.

Convo #1
When Daddy first sees his little girl in a flower girl dress with hair dolled up and cuteness everywhere, misty eyed:
"Daddy, you always cry cuz I'm so pretty don't you?"

Convo #2
Little Man has been having some aggression "issues" towards his big sis. After a small incident where he caused great pain and many tears, I placed him in his crib to "decompress" for a moment (or maybe that was me?) before I addressed the issue. Before going back in his room, Sister said "Mommy I'll have the talk with him" (as she knows "the talk" quite well). "No, no" I say, "Mommy needs to talk to him. You stay out." I go into his room, close the door, remove him from his crib and sit down in the rocking chair to have "the talk". He looks at me intently and I give him the no-nonsense "Mister, you CANNOT hit your sister anymore." From under the door I hear, "AND LOVE TAPS ARE NOT OK EITHER, MISTER!" as she sprays her fingers under the door for added effect.

Convo #3
On a walk, both kids in the double jogging stroller doing quite well until Little Man, of course, does what he can to annoy his sister. She panics and I give her the "Chill, Sister, he's just playing." "But Mommy," she declares, "I AM NOT A TOY!" Well said smart one. Well said.


Kara said...

I LOVE your kids. LOVE them, love them, love them. And when LK is around, hilarity ensues. She's a hoot.

Anonymous said...

Love my niece & nephew! Thanks for making me LOL today. I want to see pics of the gorgeous flower girl.