Thursday, December 17, 2009

Step in my shoes a moment...

I was reminded tonight after getting prepped for a couple of babysitters (yes, I said COUPLE of 'em) to come over that our schedule, as normal as it seems to us, is kinda crazy to the outsider(s). So I thought I'd write it out, more so for me since this has proved to be a much easier place to keep up with the daily (monthly, yearly) shenanigans of my little squirts. I'm not so good with the baby books.

Also, because schedules change. And this will too. Probably sooner than later. And I'll look back on this at the same time next year and think, "Now that was the life." With one waking up to go to school, the ENTIRE day will look very different, and I may just have to wake up before the sun does...and that's a travesty.

Judge me not on this. I wake up later than most Americans I know. But I also work harder and deserve it so BOOYAH!! Or, at least let me think that I do. Please.

8:00 Buster arrives in my room - we watch Curious George and I get lots of snuggles
8:30 Get out of bed, fix breakfast for big kids, feed babies their morning bottle
9:30 Breakfast for babies, big kids do their chores (get dressed, make beds, brush teeth, take dirty laundry to laundry room)
10:00 Playtime (outdoors if weather permitting)
10:30 Morning nap for babies, I take a shower, big kids watch Bunny Cakes
11:00 Playtime with Mommy
12:30 Lunch for big kids, babies wake up and get bottle #2
1:00 Nap time for Buster, free time for Big Sis
1:30 Lunch for babies
2:00 Babies playtime with Mommy & Big Sis - then school time with Big Sis while babies play together
3:00 Babies afternoon nap, Reading time with Big Sis
3:30 Buster wakes up, afternoon snack for big kids
4:00 Prep for dinner with help from my sous chefs
4:30 Babies wake up and get bottle #3
5:00 Clean up before Daddy gets home
5:30 Daddy gets home and MOMMY SINGS THE HALLELUJAH CHORUS!!!! He jumps on the floor for human jungle gym time with all 4, and I get on dinner duty.
6:00 Babies eat dinner
6:30 Dinner for us
7:15 Get babies bathed, ready for bed and final bottle of the night; Big Kids clean up their room and have reading time together
7:45 Babies go to sleep (in a perfect world) and we bathe big kids
8:15 Big Kids go to bed
8:30 Clean up kitchen
9:00 Fall asleep somewhere
11:30 Wake up from wherever we fell asleep to officially go to bed

You'll note I left out the 15 diaper changes, the multiple times the babies awake to get rocked, and anytime I sit at the computer or crash on the couch midday. That's because I'd like you to continue thinking this house runs perfectly at all times.

Because it does.

That is, until tomorrow...

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