Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Best Combination

Top Ten Reasons Why Everything Clicked Today:

1. I was creative. A hand saw, large piece of wood, sandpaper, and paint. I worked on a little artsy project for the family room during both of the babies' naps today and then worked a little higher when they were awake. Got the Big Kids involved with their own piece of wood (minus the hand saw) and I saw everyone's moods swing up mid project.

2. The Husband came home early with no phone call warning. Standing in the laundry room seeing that Jeep pull up the drive made me want to do the hiney dance.

3. Not only did The Husband come home early, he came home with the idea that we should pack up and head to the beach.

4. We headed to the beach.

5. GLORIOUS WEATHER at said beach. GLORIOUS MOODS at said beach.

6. Portrait of Big Sis was ready for pick-up and I was KNOCKED OFF MY FEET when we pulled up and saw an enormous framed portrait of our BABY GIRL in the window of the studio. Reminded just how beautiful she is.

7. Dinner beckoned so we pulled in for a quick Chick-Fil-A run. We get inside and find out it's KIDS NIGHT! All kids meals $0.99. Ring us up for 4 of those bad boys, Chicky Monkey!! Amen and Amen.

8. 4 bathed sleepy children. I wanted to squeeze them all...one in particular...

9. Tiny Miss pooped on the floor and then did a dance in the poo prior to being noticed. Had we not had such a fun day, this might have sent the moods spiraling downward; however, it made for a great laugh, a funny memory maker, and a great chance for me to quarantine the kids all in one room and yell from inside, "Ok, I've got all the kids out of there. I'll hold them in here while you clean it up! Hurry hurry, they're restless!" You know, taking one for the team.

10. At the end of the night, the Big Kids couldn't decide what the best part of their day was because there were too many options.

Gotta love a day like that.

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