Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Middle Child Syndrome

I realized, as I was placing updated framed pictures throughout my house, that we have very few recent (as in, the last 2 years) pictures of Buster Boy. Poor guy. We got the first year of his life a-plenty and then took a break until the Dynamic Duo was born and then they got all the funding for pics. And, of course, Big Sis had her 5 year portrait made and that cost half her college edumacation.

And his.

So I asked our friend Patrick to take some pics with his ultra cool camera while he was over for dinner tonight.


Now, I know everybody has their own cutest kid in the whole world, but SERIOUSLY y'all...I think I really do have myself a little model. I might just have to call VogueKids or BoysFitness or GQkidz or something shmancy so my boy can earn his college fund back.

This little photo shoot took a total of 4 minutes. For one minute, I ran into his closet, picked out his only clean Polo, grabbed some matching shorts, ran some hair gel through his hair as he used the potty (multi-tasking...I am a pro) and the other 3 minutes consisted of Patrick clicking away before we drowned in sweat out in the backyard.

We get things done around here.


The results:

Now my house will be full of pictures of ALL of my precious kiddos...not just the 3 that flank the middle kid.

The darn cute middle kid, that is.


Whitney & David said...

He looks just like Carter! The pictures are amazing...Patrick is pretty talented with the camera and when you have something that cute you just can't fail, even with a 4 minute photo shoot!

Kara said...

You do have quite the handsome - and sweet - little man. Love me some B! And if anyone is interested, I'll be glad to rent Patrick out. :)

Rebecca Ricker said...

Love the pics! I have to say I was noticing your middle boy Sunday night that he just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Quite the poser to if I may say!

Kelly Roberson said...

HANDSOME. I can only imagine the heartbreaks he will cause! These are so good - and so frameable. That PW's got some talent.

Anonymous said...

Gosh! He looks so old. Where's our baby boy? Patrick did a great job. He could make a living just doing pictures. Can't wait to give him (middle child) a big hug....Memes