Monday, August 2, 2010

Best Friends Camp '10

10 years ago, Best Friends Camp commenced. And then ended. And then BF ended up in the hospital as a result.

We don't play around.

At the inaugural camp, college BF Alicia came down for a few days to stay when my roommates left town. Ok, so they weren't my roommates. More so the family that let me live in their dining room.


So it comes to bedtime and I grab a pillow off of my 5 year old roommates bed for my dear BF. She sleeps soundly. She goes home a few days later. She comes down with a horrid case of adult chicken pox and lands herself in the hospital in attempts to stay alive.


So despite a rough beginning, the camp has lived on year after year and we now stay away from chicken pox laden pillows.

This year, we continued with our annual Girl's Night Out (with 11 and 5 year old in tow), multiple music videos with state-o-the-art choreography and added a campfire with s'mores in 95 degree heat as well as a movie, complete with script and high quality acting.

Scootchie over Spielberg. Akins has come to town.

And though I would love to tempt my audience here with the Oscar performances, the dern thing hasn't even been fully edited. Or, at least that's my excuse because I don't know how I feel about getting my big acting break from the scouting producers in the world wide webosphere. I still need to do this stay-at-home mom thing for at least a few more months.

And while my acting skillz were off the charts, my photography skillz were nil. The camp director didn't plan a camp photo, thus and such all I got from a rockin' week with my peeps was this fuzzy dud.

And these cutie patooties we like to call "BF's: The Next Generation".

Oh well. There's always next year's camp to get the big photo-op.

And who knows, next year we might get all big and have a slip-n-slide.

Or a square dance.

Or a scavenger hunt.

Oh the possibilities.

For now though, latrine duty beckons. Camp season or not.

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Kara said...

Just be sure not to break a thumb, or any other bone, if you do indeed have a slip n slide at next year's BFF camp. One trip to the hospital is more than enough.