Thursday, September 30, 2010

I need a system.

I thought my pulling 42 tubs out of the attic to wash, sort, sell, give away or hang up for this season was going to be a fairly quick task.

Fairly quick task it was not and the tubs are still in the middle of my family room. All kids closets and dressers are in upheaval as we try on EVERYTHING, trade out sizes, and do more sorting and giving away.

Organization is not my forte although I LOVE being organized. I frequent the few places of organization in my house to relax. Unfortunately those areas include my "office" (loose term for the area designated for my laptop and bills and other accoutrements) and though our finances are painstakingly organized, not much else in there can be coined "relaxing". The other organized area is the babies' room (sans the closet) but for some reason it just kinda smells like poo in there all the time which doesn't fit in to my relaxation quota either.

So I need a system. Specifically, a system that isn't too daunting. Not like those "Deep Clean Your House With These Daily Tasks All Year." That's not fun to me. Simple. One big swoop. That's what I need. Or 2 big swoops a year even. I can take 2 out of 365 days to have a house in upheaval. But we're inching past 10 days and I'm losing my marbles.

Maybe if I quit feeding the kiddos they'll stop growing so fast. Then they could remain in the same size clothes for longer than 3 months. But then they'd probably cry a lot. And then I'd lose my marbles anyway so I should probably continue to feed them.

Thanks for allowing me to think out loud on that one.

Send me links. Send me systems. Send me a professional.

I'm sending myself to a nap so I don't have to look at these tubs anymore.


Whitney & David said...

Everything is better when it smells good. I am bringing you a candle to put in the babies room...

Kara said...

Ahh, organization. I love organization. And organizing things. If you watch my child I'll come over next week and whip those tubs into shape (or try to, at least. I don't guarantee success).