Sunday, January 8, 2012

All de fishies of de sea...

For Christmas this year, my parents bought Georgia Aquarium tickets for all the kids and grandkids. We had not been in six years which was 5 grandchildren ago, so it was a treat to watch the big eyes as they saw whales, sharks, penguins, dolphins, sting rays, and fish of every color swim just inches from their touch.
Tiny Miss had some whiplash after a day filled with staring straight up! She couldn't risk posing for a pic with her handsome cousins for fear that a beluga whale might drop on her head.
Even the youngest of the bunch couldn't take his eyes off the fishies.

I asked him if he could come to my house. He said no.
Quiet boys. Amazing.

Why not drop a 4 year old into a tank full of sting rays?
We decided in our dream home plans, we're going to add an aquarium wall like this one. Hours of entertainment and a great threat to misbehaving. "Listen little dude, do you need to spend some time in that wall with Jaws? I didn't think so. Now go stare at him and think about what you've done."
A day with cousins is a day well spent.

Thanks Meme & D-Daddy!

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