Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Defining Moments

There's been quite a change coming for our biggest little people. The Husb got a new job which will require a switcheroo of schools for Big Sis and an unexpected new school start for Buster Boy.  While everyone around them knew about it, we wanted to tell them in a non-rushed and well thought out way where they would have enough time to understand it and ask questions before going back to school.

We drove them out to the new school on Friday and got Big Sis to read the sign as we drove in. She read it, looked at both of us and said, "Is this Daddy's new job?" and then the quiver lip started. She had been paying attention to everything going on within the past few days and figured some things out. What she knew was that her daddy was going to be at a different school, so that must mean that she would too.

Man, kids are smart.

We talked through the exciting opportunities, though bittersweet. We showed them the school, walking the halls and pointing out the similarities to their current school. Slowly they came around and throughout the evening, at dinner later and on the playground afterwards, the questions began. We had plenty of time to talk through each of their concerns while having fun in the midst. 

Not only are kids smart as whips, they're resilient. Not emotionless, but resilient. And I know that this past weekend was a defining moment for all of us. Learning of the biggest change they've had to incur yet, working through it, and finding a monkey bar to swing on...

 and a slide to ride down on...
and knowing they're gonna be just fine.

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