Sunday, July 8, 2012

St. Augustine

The 29th annual family vacation was quite the success. No broken bones this year which makes a HUGE difference in how one views the enjoyment of said vacation. We had scheduled dinners and cookouts with the big family (50 of us!), hard decisions of whether to spend our time at the beach or at the pool, and lots of relax time before the work/school/sports schedule takes us for a spin.
Many of the great-grandkids are pictured here. Others came and went on different days. This massive week-long playdate was just what they needed! If only I could entertain them as well when we're at home {sigh}.
Last year, it took the entire 7 days to get Wild Man warmed up to being around people and water and, well, life in general. This year, he was full speed from day one!
Tiny Miss had her Dora floatie attached to her at all times, even mastering some spinning and flipping moves within it.
The Backstroke Girl doing what she does best...all day...every length of the pool...
Even Wild Men get tuckered out every now and again...
We had a family date on our last night and went out to eat at our favorite local spot, Mango Mango's, followed by a walk on the beach under the light of the moon.
The babies threw walking to the wind and ran in circles over and over and over again. I should try this maneuver in the backyard each night. Makes for a good, solid sleep.
Saw this boy on the beach and I asked him out. He said yes. Score!
Them crazy hooligans. They make vacations exhausting and life entertaining. Wouldn't trade it!

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