Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Recital

So I'm a dance mom now.

Didn't think I'd ever hold that title. Soccer mom? Yes. Baseball mom? Most definitely. Dance mom? Notsomuch.

But now. Now I hold that title proudly.

Because of this one...
I left her backstage right before the big recital so I could take my seat in the audience. I hesitated leaving her because there were masses of people and she's so tiny and the stage is so big, but her teachers assured me she would be well taken care of, so I left it to her.

I took my seat just in time for the first performance - a beautiful ballet dance by a group of high school girls.

I promptly began to cry.

WHO AM I??????

When I finally got myself together about three dances in, this happened...
Tiny Dancer took that stage with the authority of a four year old and danced her heart out. She polly wolly doodled all the day.
 And then a few dances later, she was back on stage to dance like a daisy.
After intermission we were going to leave since her part was done, but Tiny Dancer wanted to stay for just one more dance. One more dance turned into the entire second half and she loved every second of it.
I kinda did too.

And they weren't even wearing cleats.

WHO AM I?????????

*Thanks to Mike Brinson for taking such great photos during the performance!

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Sarah said...

She looks precious! I had big dreams of being a ballerina when I was little. What little girl doesn't?

ps. I'm making the pesto recipe you left on Boo Mama's blog tonight! :)