Saturday, June 2, 2007

Perfect Peace

I love Saturday mornings. Especially rainy Saturday mornings. The beach is not an option today and frankly, I'm ok with that. A day spent inside in "lounge wear" doing nothing with the fam...doesn't get any better.

Carter and I did a devotion series a few months back on the fruits of the Spirit. We looked at one fruit per week and found ways in our daily lives to make sure those fruits were evident, and then held each other accountable when they weren't. Peace stood out the most. When we looked at areas of our lives where we saw peace, we shared example after example and found we were on the same page. It wasn't in the big stuff. It was in the "if you don't stop to notice, you'll miss it quickly" riding in the car singing praise medlies completely off key, laying on the couch snuggled up watching Sesame Street, hearing "I love you" from a 2 year old, rocking my boy who's growing up too fast in the rocking chair, going on a date with my husband, dancing to "Boondocks" on the big bed, starting family know, all those times that when I did stop to notice, those tears of joy would plague my eyes. Some call it hormones. Nah, just a thankful mom/wife noticing God's simple blessings.

That's not only peace. That's perfect peace. Kinda like a rainy Saturday morning spent in lounge wear doing nothing with the fam.

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