Thursday, June 28, 2007

Deal or No Deal?

Is God concerned with the trivial? I've asked myself this question a lot over my short 30 year existence. I always hear people (Christians) say "It was a God thing" and a lot of times it has to do with purchases (some big, some small) or some sort of advancement like a new job or a salary increase...or even being in the right place at the right time (a "God moment" if you will). So as not to sound cynical (which I've been accused of a few times), I firmly believe there are those "God moments" and those "God things" that He truly steps in and guides us and/or those we're in contact with in accordance to His will. On the other hand, I think the phrases can be overused, and maybe even incorrectly used.

Or are they?

For example, is God concerned with me getting a good deal on a pre-owned (sounds better than "used") 2002 Mercury Sable? Or is His concern simply the provision of transportation? Or is His concern simply that I am walking with Him daily? I lean towards the latter.

So do I even bother to pray for that decision of which car to get, what price to settle for, etc? This is where I want to say "Yes, pray about everything" but then my cynical (or is it?) side says "Just follow Him and you'll make the right choices". If I am fully His every day, then He would lead me in His path, right? Right.

When I am in a close relationship with someone, I like to know all the details of what's going on in their lives (my favorite phrase after Carter gets off the phone with whoever is "Tell me everything WORD FOR WORD and don't leave anything out!"). So in that sense, I think God does want to know ALL about our lives, the details, the WORD FOR WORDS...even if I feel like it's not ultra-interesting or important. It's more than just keeping Him informed (He already knows it all, right?). It's about a close relationship. No secrets. No shockers.

By the way, I got a great deal on a SWEET 2002 white Mercury Sable station wagon. I'll hold back on calling this one a "God thing" so as not to link Him with my ride, though sweet it is!


Kara said...

I think God is concerned with the trivial, like when you don't update your blog for weeks - I think He gets frustrated, too! HA!!

Suzanne said...

Ha! If you read my first blog, you'll know one of the reasons this blog was established was to frustrate readers with my lack of updates. Seeing as how you're the only reader (besides my husband) - mission accomplished!