Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh sweet goodness, what have I done??

The best conversation (to date) I've had with my Little Shnookum Princess Pot is as follows:

Mommy sayeth: "So what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Little Shnookum Princess Pot respondeth: "A SOFTBALL PLAYER!!"

Ahhh, melt my heart.

You wouldn't know it though based on her daily grind of figuring out what dress to wear (currently shorts and tshirts are prohibited), which would look best with her high heels, and even what color lip gloss to wear.

HELLO?? Is this MY daughter we're talking about??

I didn't venture near dresses, high heels, and lip gloss until I was close to 30. And it was still reluctantly.

About a year ago we had to take Little Shnookum Princess Pot to an orthopedic children's doctor to have her legs and feet looked at. Her hip twists to cause her thigh bone to grow a little off which causes her knees to knock and her toes to point inward. Very common and most children grow out of it. The doctor even said that people with this condition tend to be great athletes. I don't know where he got that info from but it sure made that trip worthwhile for me! The only prescription he gave us was to enroll her in ballet when she turned 3. Apparently ballet stretches and moves are very good for the hips and leg bones and will help straighten everything out a lot quicker.

Hmmm. Now that's gonna be an issue.

I can handle the "great athlete" aspect, but ballet? No sir. Mommy doesn't do ballet.

Until today.

I called the dance studio and got her in the last available slot for 3 year olds. I wanted to choke. They so non-chalantly said "We'll see you on such-n-such day. Just make sure she has on her leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes with her hair pulled back."

Oh sweet goodness. Can you buy that stuff at Wally World?

I'm a lost cause.


kara said...

Oh, I SO want a picture of you taking little bit into ballet in a pink tutu!
Pink hair bow: $2
Pink tights: $4
Pink tutu: $8
Pink ballet shoes: $10
Seeing Suzanne, the softball sista, take her offspring into a ballet class: priceless!
:) LOVE IT!!
(The prices above are merely for illustration purposes)

Rachael said...

Yeah, we're in that no shorts and t-shirt ban, too. The lip gloss has to go on before bed, too. it's ridiculous! Kara, I'd love to get in on the picture, too. Tell us all about it Suz!