Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Prayers from a Princess

Our bedtime routine consists of a little family time with the four of us. Daddy then puts Buster Boy to bed, and I put Princess Ashley (her self-proclaimed name for this week) to bed. We like to have a little "girl time" and talk about the day or tell stories or get excited about what's to come, etc. Last night, I asked her to tell me 5 things she's thankful for.

"Oh, you mean 5 things I'm grateful for?"

Sorry. Didn't mean to use such elementary terms.

And here is her list, in order:

1. I'm thankful that Mommy forgives me.
2. I'm thankful that God tells me things.
3. I'm thankful that Daddy tells me what I can't do.
4. I'm thankful that Mommy changed her band-aid.
5. I'm thankful that Mommy put on clothes.

I don't know where #5 came from. I do tend to wear clothes throughout the day, or at least most of the time.

I think it's funny that a band-aid I was wearing on my arm was grossing her out. It was at the point where it was half coming off and I kept pressing it back on. Eventually she just went into my bathroom and got me a new one.

Later, when Daddy came in to say prayers together, Princess Ashley said she wanted to say them herself.

"Dear Jesus. Thank you for God. Please help me grow up. Amen."

Amen, Princess Ashley.


kara said...

That Princess Ashley is a hoot.

Melissa said...

this should be published! so cute! I love that she thanked "Jesus for God."