Sunday, October 19, 2008

Me + Pregnancy = Train Wreck

...and that is why anything positive goes a LONG way in my book these days.

Most people we've told about our upcoming twinkies have been thoroughly shocked and then thoroughly excited. Of course we still get the "Better you than me!" comments here and again, but there have been so many people coming out of the wood works to wish us well, give us hugs, and begin praying for us.

Despite the fact that I'm in the horizontal fetal position 80% of the day, it's actually a very exciting time. And because I'm down for the count so often (or hanging my head over the toilet or what have you), I have LOTS of time to think (too much, really).

Time to think about what life will be like as a family of 6.


Karen reminded me the other day that I always used to say if there had been a major at UGA in stay-at-home-mom-ness, I would have gotten my degree in that. Maybe even my Masters. Hey, might as well go for the PhD at this point.

And Alicia reminded me that twinkies are a GIFT and that we've been CHOSEN BY GOD to be their parents. 1 in 500 chance? We'll take it!

Jana brought it from the Word and welcomed me to my "full quiver".

And today in church, one of the sweetest men (with 5 kids of his own!) was the first to congratulate us in our new "ministry".

It's so good to hear those words when I swim in a hole of nausea, migraines, and complete overwhelm-ness (so not a word, sorry) all day long.

This is what I signed up for. This is my ministry. To love Jesus, my husband, and 4 kids.

Hopefully I can reflect Him to them.


GeorgiaPeach said...

Hey Suzanne. I know I don't know you very well, but Carter showed me your blog. He was telling me about the little count down picture. I love it!!! Congrats on the twins!!!! Pregnancy is a ture GIFT from God. I hope we experience it someday soon...and I would take twins in a heartbeat!!! I enjoyed reading your post and I will keep checking back on your blog and with Carter. I have already begun praying for all of you. Hang in there!!! You have a beautiful family and the next two additions will just make it that much more beautiful. Go Mama!!! Hope you get to feeling better.

Kim McCarty

PS...check out my blog...I just started blogging so I'm not real good at it yet. :)

kristymasterson said...

Russ and I are so excited for ya'll. Honestly, I think sometimes we both wish we could experience the joy of having you for a mom. Laughter constantly!

Anonymous said...

a pack of corn dogs won't last long in your house any more! wow!!! twins...i'm astounded. way to go. we are certainly excited for you. and i agree that pregnancy is a gift from God, but i'm pretty sure nausea is straight from the pits of hades! give carter and the little ones a holla from me!