Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trunk or Treat

The Chapel's 2nd annual trunk-or-treat was this past Sunday and we had a blast! Mulan and Mushu were a hit in their homemade costumes (homemade by Ally that is, not me!). Mulan had a big black wig with a bun on top that she chickened out of wearing at the last minute, but the red hair worked just as good for this Chinese princess!
Mushu never could quite figure out how to sit down because he had a stiff tail stuffed with paper behind him at all times. So mostly he just stood around confused as to why his mom was making him wear such nonsense!
Typically very shy, Mulan had no problem strutting her stuff for the camera...anyone's camera. If she saw a camera, she immediately went into this pose. I don't know if it was the makeup or the outfit, but something obviously made her feel like a million bucks!I have countless pictures of these 2 over the last few years and most of them have our little Mulan looking at her "Bat" Eli in this same way. He was the first boy she ever met (yep, on day 1 of her life in the hospital) and she hasn't let him forget it!

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