Sunday, March 22, 2009

32 Weeks-ish

Almost rounding the corner to 32 weeks. No doc's appointment this week since he's out of the country...YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully, it's now and not in another 2 weeks or so. I guess the man does deserve a vacation. ;)
As one can tell, I have officially grown out of the white tank that has taken me through the monthly pics - now I'm supplementing with the Bella Band (aka my best friend in the world) which has about another day and a half before I outgrow it too.

One thing is for sure. We're not getting any smaller, folks. Measuring full-term, 40 weeks. Stay in, babies, stay in!


The Harwells said...

You look GREAT, Mama!!!

Love, The Harwell Fam

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Time is ticking by so fast. Take it easy and tell those Twinkies that Meme said to stay put for a few more weeks. Baking time is not over.

Meg said...

Saw you at church yesterday...didn't even look pregnant from the back! You look lovely...can't wait to stamp those little feet.

Kara said...

I second all of those comments - you look great, keep those babies in and baking and RELAX and take it easy (or as easy as you can)!