Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh Babies

The 33 week visit:

We were able to see fun video of both babies squirming around in their large tank today at Doc's. Baby Girl is 4 lbs 5 oz and Baby Boy is 4 lbs 13 oz. This, so I'm told, is great. They're staying within 10-20% of each other's weight and that is a good sign.

I am, however, showing some signs that they're ready to break out. Not immediately (oh, dear goodness I hope not!), but soon. Baby Girl's head is VERY low and Baby Boy's head is nudging down there as well.

We're still crossing our fingers for another 3-4 weeks. In the meantime, Doc said for me to tone it down considerably. Not forced bed rest, but close enough. I shall obey...until Toddler A and Toddler B need me...which is every other second!

I will now start the precautionary meds to keep contractions from happening (like a muscle relaxer) because contractions at this point would signal my body to start labor...too soon. And, unlike most pregnancies, we actually don't want labor. That would mean an emergency c-section and I'd prefer to leave the word "emergency" out of our already crazy circumstances.

Appointments every week now.

At some point we'll need to name these babies. Or do we already have the names? Well I'd say it looks like we do!



Kara said...

OH BABIES is right! So glad to hear that the twinkies are growing steadily - let's keep 'em cookin!

By the way, are you in the bed?? Get thee to the bed!

The Harwells said...

I'm sure Baby Girl is named Veronica...but I can't think of a good name for Baby Boy!!!!

Laura said...

Why do you tease??!! I give up on the names. I'll quit asking, so you can tell me now!

Laura :)

Meg said...

Fancy Talula for the girl...Harold Peabody for the boy. Done.

Amber B. said...

So exciting!!! Glad you are doing so well!