Sunday, April 12, 2009


We had a wonderful Easter which started out with an EARLY morning egg hunt (note: 7am kick off). The "Easter Bunny" didn't hear his alarm and when we were greeted by our early risers, we had to make a quick decision.

"Kids, Mommy is going to read you the story of Easter first! Hop in bed!" Not bad for thinking on my feet before my eyes had even opened!

While this went on, the Easter Bunny quickly hid eggs in the backyard, fully clad in his pj's.

Then we had a great morning at church. It was our first Sunday in our new sanctuary (same campus) and it was BEAUTIFUL! Word on the street is that we had over 900 people between the 2 services. Thinking about being a part of the 7 who started the church a few years ago, it just about made me weepy.
Lunch was at The Herndons for those of us who don't have family nearby. Our group continues to grow each year - the amount of babies and toddlers is hilarious! Next year there will be even more!

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Meg said...

Looks like a great day! We did, too. We were at the 9:00 service yesterday and I cried just about the whole time! Thanks for being part of the beginning of such a great place! We are SO thankful to be part of it now...see you soon! Take care!!!