Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Ruh Roh" says Scooby Doo

The babies are coming.

When, you ask?

Excellent question. I'd like to know myself. Promptly.

Sat on a monitor yesterday at Doc's and found out my contractions were 6 minutes apart (I didn't even really know I was having them....sometimes 2 babies can cause the same pain so I'd just assumed it was them!). And it looked like Baby Girl was about to bust out. Settle down, girly. Settle down.

So I got a steroid shot to boost the lung development of the babies since they'll be quite early (about 5 weeks) and underdeveloped. We're hoping this will help them suck large amounts of air when they enter the world!

And so we wait. I'm on full-out bed rest and though I thought that sounded like a dreamy option at one point, it's actually quite annoying. I would much rather be up and about with the kiddos enjoying our final day(s) of "just us". But it's all good. The "just us" is not going to know what hit the fan when these babies arrive!!

I'd post a picture of my 45-WEEK SIZED SELF but the bedhead I'm dealing with is not working out. That, and the fact that not a single bit of my clothes fits over my stomach anymore. Could it be because my body is cranking under the allusion that I am OVER 10 MONTHS PREGNANT???

Ruh Roh.


Meg said...

So glad we got to see you last weekend. Keep those babies cookin'! You'll be back to your old self before you know it...rest (if you can!) and know we're praying for you! Love y'all!

Amy said...

Yea! The babies are coming! I had to have that lung shot with Eli too! You look amazing - shut up with all the too big stuff. Just posted on my blog - gave you a shout out:) Can't wait to meet your chillin'!

The Harwells said...

Praying for you! Can't wait to hear that they've arrived!!!

Love, love, love...The Harwells