Sunday, July 12, 2009

Best Friends

When I was 15 weeks pregnant, we found out one of the twins would be a boy. The other baby was facing my back and all curled up so no matter what angle the camera pointed during the ultrasound, we couldn't see a thing. So we had to wait until my next appointment which was a month later to find out what the 2nd baby was. It was always funny when people asked if we knew what we were having.

"Yes, we're having a boy and something else."
"Something else?"
"Yes, we're not sure if it's a human baby or a monkey. We'll know by next month."
This was only the beginning of the smart alec responses I became so good at!

(Other favorites: "Did you use fertility drugs?" I'm sorry, Joe Stranger, did you just ask that?)


When we found out we were having a boy AND a girl, someone (I can't remember who) put into perspective for us what neat relationships our children would have. There would be the twin bond. There would be the big kid bond. And then there would be the Big Sis/Little Sis, Big Bro/Little Bro bonds. Vertical and horizontal bonds, they said.

Pretty cool.

The big kid bond has been around since the day Buster Boy was born. Inseparable. And that bond has strengthened since the twins were born. Buster does not like to be away from his YaYa. Even today, he refused to go to his class at church (which has NEVER happened) and screamed until they finally had to come find me. When I asked him what all the trouble was, he responded "I want YaYa". Not Mommy. Not Daddy. Just big sis. Sweetness.

And tonight. Though they share a room with bunk beds, it seems the distance from top bunk to bottom bunk was too great.

And these two hooligans have never shared a night more than 6 inches from each other. I'm guessing when we free up their flailing arms, they may scoot a bit from each other's side. They won't go far though...they like to keep their heartbeats in sync!


Whitney said...

so sweet...i LOVE the new picture at the top of your blog!! priceless!

Karen said...


karawitherow said...

Lovin the new header with the EIGHT feet!! Holy moly, girl, you have eight little feet in your house! Lovin the pics of YaYa and B, too, and of the little ones. I could just eat them up.