Monday, August 10, 2009

NashVegas Baby!

To the farm we went. There is oodles upon oodles of toddler entertainment at the farm: smelling cows, feeding horses, tractor driving, Kubota/Polaris riding and the multiple family gatherings.

Buster Boy rode the tractor for about 14 hours a day and Henny Boy even got his first ride. He would have thoroughly enjoyed it had he not slept the entire ride.

Mama Dot (C's grandmother) turned 87 and we got to celebrate with burgers, cake and ice cream Saturday night and a trip to Western Sizzlin' Sunday after church. Nothing says 87th birthday like the Sizzlin's Sunday buffet!

JoJo, Aunt Mandy, and Aunt Laura with the kiddos.

The Akins boys: Papa, Buster, Carter and Henny Boy

And then just a few sweet ones of The Duo.

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