Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Unkas

The little babies got to meet their great aunt Kim and uncle Bill for the first time, as well as their cuz Samantha. Of course, Buster Boy had his own names for them so they became Unka Bill, Unka Kim and Lammie Girl (because he can't say his s's!). I'm not sure who had more fun, but we need a return visit so Unka Bill can "undo" all the wonderful things he taught them to do (like eating goldfish off the floor!!).

It's always nice to have visitors for the day to hold babies. I think they get very tired of their bouncy seats (where they LIVE) and love the opportunity to be snuggled during the day (as you can tell from the pic!). If only I had octopus arms and could hold them all day!


Anonymous said...

I can tell Unka Bill is doing some "goosin" on poor Buster. I don't know which is the bigger kid.


Anonymous said...

The whole day was nothing but "goosin" if you will. Just took them some time to warm up to this big monstrosity of a hairy-faced relative kinfolk. THEN, the game was on!!!!!!!!!!!!
Had a great time with the youngins as well as the oldins and can't wait till we get to see all of them again. Goldfish always taste better the Unka Bill Way.......
Great blog here, suz!!!!