Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The 6 Month Stats

A happy (belated) half-birthday to the Dynamic Duo. They have been on the outside world for a brief 6 months and have managed to turn our world upside down in such little time!

I KNOW every parent thinks their kids are the cutest on the planet, but HELLO, I get to stare at 2 little precious, adorable, crazy babesy cakes everyday. There is no shortage of cuddles to be had and that's a good thing because knowing they're the final babies to come through this house, I am smothering them with lovins all the day long!

We had a great 6 month checkup and our worries about Hunka Chunk's stiffness from his early months are gone! He's getting more malleable by the day.

Big Boy weighs 16 pounds while Little Bit weighs 13 pounds with a 2-inch difference (25 in and 23 in), and they are very healthy. And besides a little eczema on the cankles, they are golden and don't have to go back for 3 more months. With 4 children, we could create our own room at the pediatrician's office, so hopefully we'll get some good time away from there!

They've started having conversations in their special twin language and it's ridiculously cute. Baby Girl has even started inflecting her voice high and low and I truly believe they know what the other is talking about.

"Did you like that oatmeal we had for breakfast?"

"No, but Mom thinks she's making us all healthy and junk so we won't tell her we found the oreo remnants from Buster and YaYa on our playmat."

Their little secrets.

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cylelewis said...

Stop it with the cute baby posts! It makes me want another one or another ones!!