Sunday, October 4, 2009

Christmas came early

Hunka Chunk wins!

And seriously, those eyes? They'll make ya melt.

In the meantime, Little Bit's just gonna suck the life outta those fingers until her teefies come in. Yum yum!

No menu this week. We're fasting.

Ok, so maybe that's not a good idea with toddlers.

Not a big eventful week for food...going for the basics and that's just not as fun to publish. Happy eating to you anyway!


Kara said...

The first thing I thought when I saw little man's picture? "Those EYES!!" Wowzers, they're pretty. You sure do make cute kiddos!

Kara said...

Oh, and speaking of food/menus ... it's WAY PAST my turn to cook, so plan on not cooking on Thursday.

Cyle Lewis said...

No menu for us either, with flu, strep and lastly FOOD POISONING. Were sticking with saltines and chicken noodle soup. whatever the bellies can hold down!