Monday, November 16, 2009

The Bunker

I have decided not to call our house a house anymore. That gives off illusions of grandeur. And while this house seemed a mighty perfect "starter home", with the addition of four little mites, it has shrunk considerably.


Instead, I prefer to call it our cottage. That gives it a beachy feel (hey we're 15 minutes from it, that counts, right?), and a small homey feel which sounds better than cramped tiny house.

So thank you, housing market, for allowing us to stay here about 4 years longer than planned. Let's not make it 10.

So we're having to make constant adjustments.


We built an addition while preggers with The Duo and that has served to be one of the best decisions we've ever made (besides, of course, getting married, starting a family, blah blah blah). We call the addition "The Bunker". It's a step down from the now-extended kitchen and has another den, play room, and guest nook (there's no door so it's more of our "guest quarters" - again, giving off illusions of grandeur).

Now that The Duo is (are?) rolling all over the entire house, it became adjustment time. They needed to be contained. After walking all over the Bunker with clipboard in hand, drawing all kinds of renderings of what we could do, I finally figured it out.

However, I've been given only one rule by the Husb. I must sleep on all decisions before one ounce of furniture gets moved. I think this is more so because I have my best creativity and "I WANT THIS DONE NOW" moments at about 11:30pm when he is about to drop dead from exhaustion.

Thankfully, I heeded his advice and slept on the latest decision (which would have included doing away with our guest area, rearranging all 3 rooms of the bunker and somehow figuring out storage - of which we have none - for large pieces of furniture).

Instead, I opted for a simple moving around of the playroom to split it up giving The Duo some contained free-for-all rolling space.

I gave the Big Kids one rule: You can't go in Baby Quarters.

That was such a painful rule to them. I guess because it's new and they wanted to squeeze in there with them. Who knows. So they did the next best thing. They pulled up their chairs, got some books, and read to their little caged friends.

I think this is going to work out just fine.


Auntie Mewwitt said...

That first pic is too funny. Next thing you know the big kids will be dropping food over the edge and trying to bust the babies out of "prison." Until then, entertaining them from the other side of the wall works, too. You have some funny kiddos on your hands.

cylelewis said...

I UNDERSTAND oh so well. This post is Oh so close to home. Sometimes I like to feel as if it is a spiritual gift to live in a small space contentedly. It also involves a GREAT DEAL of creativity. WHEW! I am relating. I am blogging now.
you go to blogs and click on Cyle's blog. Thanks for inspiring me to blog. Sorry for the lack of menus. I still make them every Sunday night, however finances have shifted and the menus are a little boring. We're still eating regularly just not as fancy! Have a creative day!

Amy said...

This has me laughing so out loud. Your life is full of good stuff. :)