Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shark Race

Carter and the kiddos ran in the Shark Run 1/2 mile "Tot Trot" sponsored by his school this weekend. It was 1/2 mile of horrendous terrain.

Or maybe it was in a parking lot. But the rain did take the competition to darn near Olympic proportions.

They've been training for a while in our neighborhood and when Buster isn't busting it on the pavement, he does really well. But Big Sis...she's a different story. She's got the runner makeup. She's a pace runner. She's not deterred by the trumpet sounds to start the race. She never increases or decreases her speed. Shes a "steady wins the race" kinda girl.

While her Daddy picked up her wailing bro about 1/4 of a mile into it, she didn't lose sight of the finish line and left them in the dust running her 4 yr. old self solo the last half. It was beautiful. She sailed through the finish line, received her medal of honor and got especially excited when presented with HER VERY OWN WATER BOTTLE!

Man, the perks. We didn't pay $8 for nothing.

Speaking of Olympic proportions, Carter Prefontaine won 3rd place in his age division for the 5K race. We're not exactly sure how many runners were in his age bracket, but we're estimating it to be around 47,000. So third place is not too shabby facing those odds.

I've never been more proud to be their out-o-shape-hiding-behind-baby-stroller-eating-bon-bons mommy and wife.


Anonymous said...

PRICELESS! I just wish I had been there to watch. Love the pics.


Kara said...

Look at Big Sis' form! Wish I had her endurance these days; I get winded getting up from the couch!! (Sad. Should I be embarrassed to admit that?) So proud of the kiddos and C! And don't minimize your uber-important role of photographer and cheerleader.

Amy said...

As always, hilarious. And it makes me want to be a member of your household.