Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stomach Flu '10

Because I know you want details.

And details I will give.

Or not.

It's been a long week, a long recovery, and I don't ever wish it upon anyone. Buster started it and then we enjoyed a 3-day break when LO AND BEHOLD what is this ENEMY in MY stomach? Came on strong and I was soon (7 hours later) joined by Big Sis. We were a pitiful sight and Carter got way more than his fair share of laundering, cleaning up, holding back hair, and listening to not so sweet sounds for many many hours.

Big Sis bounced back about 48 hours later and about 48 hours after that, I picked myself off the bathroom floor to join the family at the dinner table where I was greeted by Tiny Miss doing her best impersonation of the Exorcist and spewing green junk across the room.


4 went down during Stomach Flu '10.

And 4 will rise, people. 4 WILL RISE AGAIN.

Just as soon as we consume as many calories as we ridded ourselves of, which will probably be around the time Stomach Flu '11 arrives.


Anonymous said...

And the masses are singing, "We shall overcome". And overcome you shall.....So glad y'all are on the upswing for now. Spring will be here soon.
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it brutal. It went through our family and that is one ugly bug, wouldn't wish that upon anyone. I am so glad you all are on the road to recovery and praying the rest of the family is spared. :)

A Holt