Thursday, February 4, 2010

Long Overdue

So I got the Dynamic Duo's nursery to functional status prior to their arrival and had many ideas to complete the room, but instead let it sit and get on my nerves for nearly 10 months. FINALLY, I sat in there, made of list of projects, and COMPLETED A ROOM.

It's a miracle.

I have a great knack for getting rooms to functional status and then leaving them for bigger and better (and free) projects. That is why there are curtains in every room on the front of the house and none in the back. Also why there is NOT A SINGLE picture in our house of the Duo, and barely any of Buster. Obviously, I developed pictures about 4 years ago and haven't since.

That's my next project.

So, take a tour. It's my favorite room in the house now. I go in there just to sit in the rocker and relax and marvel at the fact that I HAVE TWINS!

That little fact will never cease to blow me away.

"Yo, this is Tiny Miss....welcome to my CRIB!"

Buster peeking out from the rocking chair...

Hunka Chunk's side of the room...

The changing table is in the closet. We removed doors and can keep it mostly hidden with the curtains...

My favorite part of the room...

View from the door...

"Hope you enjoyed a look at my CRIB too!!"

*Edited to note that I did not paint the canvases with the R and H. I arrived home from the hospital to see these - a gift from my sweet friend Rebecca knowing my nursery walls were sadly bare. They are perfect!


Kara said...

Love the tour; thanks for sharing! I like the new design elements and accentuates that you've added - looks fab!

Wanna come over and help me make Baby W's nursery functional

PS - I'm just shocked that you found spare time in your day to actually do those things. Did you not sleep one night or something? Color me impressed.

Anonymous said...

It looks great. I love those little corner shelves with the puppies on them. So cute. You've done a nice job as usual. And tell Buster boy that he added just the right detail peeking out under the blanket.

The Dynamic Duo should sleep soundly and be very content for years to come.

Love ya,

Meg said...

Very nice Suzy Q! All you need is some little handprint plaques...I wonder where you can get those---hey! I know! :)

Mom 2 Many said...

Your decorating sounds like mine! lol I'm off to find all those rolls of film to get them developed and see what treasures I find. I'm a mom to 6 so I can relate to not having time! *grin* Have a great weekend!