Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Buster's 4!

Buster Boy,

My how you've grown.

I told you the story of your actual day of birth tonight at bedtime and that day seems like yesterday. I told you about how you came out of my tummy a very sick little baby and how Mommy and Daddy spent most of your "birth day" crying more than you did! But you showed us what a tough little booger you were and we can CLEARLY see that strength to this day. Just tonight, you whipped your Daddy in wrestling (but to your advantage, you're the only one allowed to kick, which ultimately won the match for you).

At dinner we went around that table and each shared our favorite characteristic about you. Big Sis said she loves that you are NICE (even gave an example of you sharing toys in the van without her having to ask). Tiny Miss said (through interpretation) she loves that you also have a Bunny lovey like her. Wild Man (also through interpretation) said he loves to wrestle you with shirts off every night. Daddy said you are the perfect mix of wild and sweet. I told you that I love how complimentary you are of people. You always tell me you like my shoes or my hair or my earrings and you freely give those compliments to others. (hint hint - the ladies LOVE this!)

You are at such a fun stage right now. You're not a toddler but not quite a big kid yet. You love baseball and monster trucks and are 100% boy, yet you crawl in my bed every morning when Daddy gets out and snuggle up til the sun comes up. For this, I'm planning to keep you 4 years old for a couple of years so as to avoid you leaving me for kindergarten. I think that plan will work nicely. You can already write your name well so there's no rush for school, right? :)

We had a blast with you today. Your birthday falls on a great day when Big Sis and Daddy don't have to be in school and the whole family can be together to celebrate. A morning baseball game with all your new baseball equipment, lunch at your choice of Applebees, Toy Story 3 movie time, and a monster truck cake to top it all off made for such a fun day.

Can't wait to see the Year of 4. I love you Buster Boy. More than words.


Here's the highlights from your day...

Favorite present from Big Sis - a REAL baseball helmet!

Yes, we have our own baseball team.

Water Break! It's been a tough game for the Cardinals (Daddy + babies) because the Braves (Mommy + big kids) kept getting home runs.

Look at those cute fans on the bleachers!

Mommy's attempt at monster truck building.

Happy Birthday buddy!


Anonymous said...

What a handsome guy! And it looks like the whole family enjoyed his birthday.....I must say that the monster truck cake is a gold medal winner. Never realized how talented my daughter would end up being in the kitchen. Good Job.

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday little guy! (or should I say big guy!) You add such a special touch to complete your wonderful family. I hope you enjoyed your special day! And oh...I love those fans in the bleachers...they are keepers!! Hugs...Brenda Sloan

Kara said...

Happy birthday, Buster! Your mommy's right - you're the perfect mix of wild and sweet and you hand out the compliments like a CHAMP. Keep it up and you'll never want for a date. :) We love you, B!