Thursday, June 30, 2011

End of the Month Review: June

The update on my Areas of Balance - my 2011 theme. In no particular order.

Tis the 6 month marker on goals set for the year.  Many are slowly beginning to bomb, but there is no quitting entirely because the goals are still laid out.  And there's always next month I can gain a win where there's a loss this month.

Spiritual: Reading the Bible in a year
Nixed it. Now planning ahead for the fall, deciding what I'll teach at church. Leaning towards Old Testament goodness so that's where I'm hanging out.

Physical: at least 3 days exercise
Eeeeeeek.  I may have reached this one on some weeks with walking but there was definitely at least a week if not 2 that I bombed this one.  But dadgum, I'm tired people!!!

Work: Grace Graffiti schedule
Had one of our most fun and productive staff meetings to date and our "little company that could" is achieving success.

Family: date day
Beach days.  Ahhhhhh, summertime I love you and the tan skin you bring.

Marriage: date
One set of grandparents babysat so we could hang out with my bro and sis-in-law as adults {so rare!}, while the other set of grandparents gave us an afternoon off so we could hit the big city for some much needed shopping sans kids.

Money: budget
I think all our money went to gas this month with as much as we've been tearing up the Georgia roads. We managed to have enough left over to feed the kids every now and again.

Home: order
Did a complete overhaul of our chaotic sweet little playroom, with labels and paint jobs and drilling holes in the wall and it's my fave room now.  Of course, I don't really want anyone to play in it now, just stare at it's orderliness.  That lasted about 3 seconds.  But it sure was purty while it lasted!

Off off and away to July...

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