Wednesday, June 8, 2011

She maketh me proud.

Our nightly prayers are fairly similar and include thanks for each family member, prayers for things to come, for healing for sick ones we may know, with the occasional childlike request thrown in.

One night both Big Sis and Buster asked specifically for God to bring back two lost items: a Bible for Sis that had been lost for months and Buster's dentist book. We had looked high and low that day for both items and came up empty. We thought these were sweet requests and smiled nicely the 3 nights they were presented.

On the 4th day, I found a basket of toys in the nursery dumped out all over the floor. In frustration I began flinging items back into the basket when LO AND BEHOLD look what 2 things are sitting in the bottom of that basket: the Bible and the dentist book. I gave Tiny Miss the 2 items, the directions on who to give them to, and sent her off. Seconds later I hear screaming and happy dances taking place upon delivery.

"God answered our prayers, Mommy!!!!"

Yes He did.

The next morning Big Sis is the first one ready for the day and comes in my room, Bible in hand.

"Mommy, I think I'm going to start reading the Bible everyday. Can you show me where Ruth is?"

I show her where Ruth is and ask her if she knows anything about it.

"No, but I'll let you know in a little while."

She takes her Bible, heads outside and reads the entire book of Ruth in one sitting.
She summed it up in one sentence and I don't think I could have summed it up better myself.

"She was a good daughter-in-law."

Ruth would be proud, too.

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