Sunday, April 8, 2012

District 14: Sanibel

I could stand another week...or year...of waking up to this sight.  I found the perfect spot in this lanai to enjoy my coffee and the Hunger Games. The fam knew not to mess with me while I was in the depths of the games or I would go all Katniss on them and peg 'em with some arrows.  Thankfully that didn't happen often.
This Handsomeness (who, depending on what book I was on in the trilogy, was referred to as Peeta or Gale most of the week) treated me to the best week for our 9th anniversary.
And it just so happened we had some chaperones. The Chaperones lived in the pool unless we forced them to go the beach. Poor poor pitiful things.
We would bring the lovies out about mid-afternoon and at the first scent, they were out...mmmm, smell that slobbery freshness...zzzzzzzzzzzz
We made sure to catch the sunset at Captiva one night. One of the most beautiful places on earth. 
Proof that they do get along on occasion. 
Tiny Miss wanted her picture taken all week. Of 300+ photos, about 200 were of this goober batting her eyelashes and then wanting to see it immediately.  Good thing she's cute.
Couldn't raise these hooligans without the help of the rockin' Big Sis...
Throw a mustache and some short shorts and we've got a little Tom Selleck on our hands. Either that or Justin Beiber.  Same diff.
Gotcha! Wild Man gives about 1 free smile a week and I captured it - booyah, boyeeeeeee! Just set the camera to speed shooting and I'm bound to outsmart him...
I am Katniss, ya know.

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Anonymous said...

These pics just make me want to hide behind a palm tree and watch my beautiful grandkids all day. Glad y'all had so much fun....Meme