Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MLB watch out!

T-Ball was a short-lived but momentous season for a little five year old I know.
He learned how to hit a ball. 
He learned how to run the bases in the correct order.
He learned to stick his tongue out when concentrating.
He learned to take great pride in crossing home plate. 
He learned the proper technique to uniform wearing. 
And he learned that the equipment he uses needs to compliment his talent.
But most importantly, he learned how to be a teammate and that's a life lesson that can only be learned on the ball field with 9 adorable little boys, 4 brave little girls and some fantastic men who see the importance of instilling these life lessons in these munchkins.
It's not just T-ball. It's spring training for the Atlanta Braves 2027 team.

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