Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sunrises & Sunsets

I kept a journal every day of my engagement to Carter and gave it to him on our wedding day. It was titled "From Sunrise to Sunset" because our engagement happened while watching the sunrise over East Beach, and we were married at sunset almost 8 months later. We didn't plan it like that, but it's neat how it worked out...and it made for a sappy sweet title for my journal. :)

I had another sweet sunrise moment(s) in my life last week while on vacation in St.Augustine. My son decided sleep wasn't a priority and rose well before the sun each morning. Since our whole family shared a room, we all noticed his wakeful state. There was no where to go that wouldn't wake up the rest of the snoozed, so I threw on the Baby Bjorn and we left the condo...every morning...before Mr.Sun said it was time to arise. We hit the beach and the boy's arms & legs started going 90-to-nothing. He couldn't be more excited, not only to be awake, but to breathe the ocean air and watch the sunrise. Once my eyes focused, I started to enjoy myself as well. When else am I going to have these sweet moments with my boy, just the 2 of us?

We had talks. Just the 2 of us. I did most of the talking. He was a good listener. I talked to him about future girlfriends, and then that one special girl who was going to steal (I mean "take") him away from me to be his wife and how one day I'd try to like her (through gritted teeth). He thought that was funny; I could tell by the flailing arms & legs in the Bjorn.

I think this week is going to be one of those defining moments that I'll tell him about (I'm sure more than once) as he gets older. Especially those times when he's not being so sweet (which will probably never happen). I'll say "Son, you used to be sweet, and we had a moment at sunrise when you were 6 months old when we talked about your future and got your life figured how bout stickin' to our plan?"

Sweet sunrise moments with the Boy. Now I need to spend a week catching the sunset with the Girl. At least I'll be awake for that one.


Jerry Gillis said...

Seriously.......I thought I had the run of the blogosphere in this gene pool. I like what you are up to though....there is, fortunately, some intellect in the genes (though it appears you may have raced off with most of it).

Suzanne said...

It's hard to be the genius of the family, but somebody's got to do it. I'll take one for the team.

Jay Hanson said...

I watched the sunset last night from Epworth while standing in the very spot where Kim told me she was pregnant with Cole. As I watched the sunset and reflected on Coles life, he was on a date. Life happens fast. So you are wise to keep a record.

laurakirkland said...

#1-Girl, you are awesome.
#2-Been to St. Augustine on more than one family vacation with kids and can testify to this... kids wake earlier at the beach.
#3-SO Happy for ya'll. For your beautiful family, for your life.. I can tell you are an incredible mother.
#4- Cole Hanson on a date? Yikes!