Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Raising a Granola

To have grown up with my favorite meal being fish sticks and mac-n-cheese, and my favorite snack being Cheez-Its and sweet tea (by the gallons), it seems odd that I would produce a granola (although mac-n-cheese is still enjoyed weekly...mostly by me). I realized yesterday after a full day of making breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack or two that my girl is a tree-hugger. Here's her favorite menu:

Breakfast: Kashi Heart to Heart cereal topped with fresh blueberries AND strawberries with a side of whole-milk Lactaid

Lunch: Black bean quesadilla on a whole-wheat tortilla

Snack: Kashi TLC granola bar - Honey Almond Flax

Dinner: Baked Mahi Mahi, Cous Cous, Baby limas

I realize I'm the envy of most toddler's parents right now as I'm currently raising the perfect child(ren).

Note: Ok, there was that one exception that my girl ate an ENTIRE bag of Cheetos in one sitting. And that other time she ate 3 bags of "fruit" snacks because I didn't realize she'd had the first 2 bags. Oh and that one time she ate an entire bag of goldfish to bring an end to the incessant fussing in the car. And yes, that other time.........

Ok, so maybe I have a different definition of "perfect" parenting.

I have a feeling my boy is going to be more of a meat & potatoes kind of guy than a granola like his sister. Just a guess.


amy said...

I'm turning into a granola too! I just moved to denver and my roommate works for a food allergies testing company so she gets all this free Kashi cereal and stuff. I eat more of that than anything now- mostly b/c it's free. I'm glad I know you're a blogger too... I'm way less consistent- sorry for the anxiety attacks- but I might put a link to your blog on mine if that's ok with you!

Jason & Jana Harwell said...

I'm proud. Next thing you know she'll be composting and separating the bottles and cans for recycling. Way to go, LK!

Jason & Jana Harwell said...

I'm proud. Next thing you know, she'll be composting and separating glass from plastic for recycling. Way to go, LK!