Friday, September 12, 2008

Grillin & Chillin

Every weekend when Carter fires up the grill, Little Man moves the high chair to his favorite front-row seat. From the air-conditioned box seats, he learns the proper technique to true Webber grilling (learned at the "D-Daddy School of Grilling"). He voices his opinions on the cooking process and is always happy with the end result (though he doesn't really like burgers...just the burger-making process...he's more of a "fries" man).

And the outfit? He picked it out himself. I stood at his closet trying to decide among the 700 t-shirts and he quickly pointed out (over and over and over) his UGA jersey by saying "Football! Football! Football!" Though it's a long-sleeved jersey on a 90-degree day, he wouldn't be stopped.

A true Dawg.

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