Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Labor

I had a thought on Thursday. It came to be by Monday. I should have thoughts more often.

Our shower head has been spewing backwards and upwards for some time now, unbeknownst to us, and created quite the little water damage and mildew areas. Since I shower without my contacts on, it took the mildew getting to a nasty level for me to even notice. Then I panicked.

I felt a migraine just at the thought of having that nastiness in our house. That was Thursday.

By Monday, my sweet hubs had me a new bathroom. No more water damage. No more mildew. And I think we stepped it up a notch, thanks to our carpenter-extraordinaire-on-loan, David.

Prior to the revamp, we had a basic bathroom, beige and boring. No decor. Simply blah.

I haven't put the finishing touches in there yet, but the basics are done...walls, new shower head and curtain and fresh paint.

We find ourselves just going in there and standing. Looking around at the beautiful work. We have yet to use it. Can't get it dirty. We'll just stare at it a few more days first.

Our fancy new shower curtain - my favorite find of the weekend.

I also "thought" about a double-sink vanity and quickly got shot down. So here's our lonely little single. I just thought he needed a friend. Carter didn't think so.

When I envisioned this project, I said, "Yeah just put some boxes under the chair rail. That will look cool." thinking it would only take a couple of nails and poof. Not so much. Hours and hours and hours. But it looks GREAT!

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kara said...

I'm so jealous. Come catch a vision for my "master suite" please!!